About this Server

Io, moon of Jupiter The server Io is a joint venture of us, Julian Mehnle and Michael Buschbeck, and harbors our personal projects and web sites. The name Io comes from one of the planet Jupiter's four largest (Galilean) moons (the other three being Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto). For a lot of wonderful images of the moon Io, which is the most active volcanic body in our solar system, take a look here!

Io ( is physically located in rackspace generously provided by local Munich ISP Linksystem München. Io is connected to the Internet via IPv4 ( and IPv6 (2001:a60:901e::22).

Io is a virtual dual-core Xeon 2.83GHz machine with 2GB of dedicated RAM running a Linux 2.6 kernel in an always up-to-date and secured Debian "Testing" environment. and live next door, on the same physical machine.

X.509 Certification Authority

Io has its own certification authority that provides X.509 certificates for its own secure Internet services as well as for selected other services. You can install the Io CA signing certificate CA's signing certificate on your computer to assert that you trust all of these certificates.

People and Things We Advocate

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